Business Partners


Our Passion

We create superior experiences for leaders and those—like you—responsible for delivering leadership solutions. And we’ve delivered on this promise for nearly five decades by dedicating ourselves to the science and practice of leadership, bringing to life innovative ideas that have changed the way organizations find, grow, and inspire leaders. Our people are passionate about your solution because we believe that better leaders lead to a better future. Every day, our 1,100 associates around the world work side-by-side with clients across 93 countries to build a pipeline of leaders to meet todays—and tomorrows—business challenges.

What Sets Us Apart

The People Experience

The No. 1 reason clients love working with DDI? Our people. With your insight into your biggest challenges, your DDI partners apply focus, passion, and a relentless drive to co-create solutions that are unique to your organization and aimed squarely at achieving the results you need to succeed. Our people—your partners— delivering the research-based rigor we’ve built our reputation on, coupled with the flexibility, innovation, and insight needed to build a solution that is truly yours and measurably impactful.

The Solution Experience

There are dozens of ways to solve leadership challenges. But only one matters: the one that works to close the gap between where your leaders are today and where they need to be tomorrow. We know from nearly five decades of diagnosing and developing leaders that catalyzing, compelling experiences create lasting, meaningful behavior change and better business results. That’s why your solution—whether face-to-face or virtual, assessment or development or the powerful synergy of both—is designed to engage your leaders and show them how what they learn about themselves and what it takes to be an effective leader applies directly to what they are responsible for impacting in your organization.

The Global Experience

Developing leaders who need to operate in one country is tough. Building leaders ready to span geographies and cultures exponentially raises the stakes and complexity.

We’re built for this.

Our 1,100 people operate across 93 countries. We’re ready—wherever you are—to break down this global challenge into local wins, adapting your unique solution to the cultural nuances of your leaders around the world.

What We Do

Over the past four and a half decades, we’ve honed our expertise in the science and practice of leadership strategy, selection, development, and succession with thousands of clients around the world. What we’ve learned is that without focused, upfront planning and continuously measured outcomes, you are destined to fail. That’s why we always: Start with defining your leadership future by hardwiring leader capabilities—who you’ll need and what they’ll be required to do—into your organization’s strategy. Measure and provide insight to help you forecast future needs and prove the impact of your work.