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Consistently Great Execution Is Possible

#1 Strategy Execution Software for Global 5000 scale organizations. Achieve more. Faster. With less effort.


i-nexus is an on-demand strategy execution software provider. Our customers achieve a higher percentage of their strategic goals, reduce the time taken to implement strategy and eliminate the time wasted manually updating spreadsheets. i-nexus establishes an execution "heartbeat” that aligns everyone in support of the company’s most important strategic objectives.

Execution is the #1 CEO priority: 55% of CEOs who responded to the Global 5000 CEO survey ranked the "ability to execute” as their top priority.* Studies reveal it is quality of execution, not quality of planning that makes the difference in terms of results, and that organizations that execute well can add 1-2% of revenue to their bottom-line.

Consistently great execution is possible: We’ve decoded the legendary business systems that enable category leaders to consistently outperform their competition. The result is a blueprint for an Integrated Strategy Execution (ISE) system that is fully supported by i-nexus. i-nexus enables you to implement a world class business system.

Platform for world class execution:
i-nexus Strategy Execution software seamlessly integrates all core processes needed to drive consistent execution.

  • Goal Management
  • Goal Deployment
  • Project/Program/Portfolio Management
  • Impact Tracking/Forecasting
  • Performance Management
  • Execution Analysis

Strategy Deployment Leads

Take the "heavy-lifting” out of Hoshin...

One solution to cascade, execute and track achievements of your goals

  • 30% increase in execution outcomes achieved
  • 30% reduction in NVA increased confidence in the plan
  • Greater ownership and faster course correction

Strategy Deployment

Business Transformation Leads

Take control of your Transformation agenda...

One solution to align, execute and track the benefits of your transformation initiatives

  • 50% reduction in unanticipated program delays
  • 30% increase in committed outcomes achieved
  • 30% reduction in benefit tracking non value added activities

Business Transformation

Operational Excellence Leads

Take your OpEx program to the next level...

One solution to align, prioritizes, execute and track the benefits of your OpEx projects

  • 30% increase in ROI
  • 25% reduction in project cycle time
  • 25% increase in project success rate
  • 30% increase in project replication

Operational Excellence

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