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Business Transformation

Achieve full control of the Transformation agenda by effectively translating your transformation goals into a portfolio of aligned initiatives. Optimize the sequence and timing to get the most of your resources. Consistently deliver committed transformation benefits and build stakeholder confidence through improved visibility.

The i-nexus Business Transformation software will help you:

  • Build executive and stakeholder confidence that the plan will be delivered
  • Reduce overheads in tracking and managing the delivery results
  • Create a reliable central governance structure

Deliver committed transformation benefits as quickly as possible

i-nexus enables a clear transformation governance process that ensures responsible individuals and teams are clear on the planned commitments, their contribution to achieving them, the expected impact of their actions and progress towards the expected results in real time. This insight ensures a relentless focus on benefit realization.

Build stakeholder confidence in achieving transformation benefits

i-nexus provides the CxO level with visibility of current and expected progress in terms of realizing the transformation goals and committed benefits. Critical issues are systematically escalated on a timely basis in order to ensure sufficient leadership attention.

Effectively translate your goals into a portfolio of transformation initiatives

Translate your business goals into strategic initiatives with a touch of a button. It has never been easier before to collaboratively capture, share and refine the logic of your transformation program. i-nexus enables KPIs and targets to be collaboratively identified, validates the alignment of existing in-flight initiatives and helps you prioritize different existing and proposed strategic initiatives in terms of relative value.

Optimize the sequence and timing of your transformation initiatives

i-nexus gets the balance right between effort in and value out. It makes it easy to estimate the effort and funding needed to execute each proposed initiative at a meaningful i.e. roughly accurate, rather than precisely inaccurate level of detail. You can quickly test the viability of different planning scenarios and evaluate the achievement of the goals of your transformation.
Unlike traditional Project Portfolio management tools, i-nexus does not just provide visibility; it helps you understand if the program is actually moving or is likely to move the dials that matter. This helps you to agree actions to course correct while there is still time to ensure the transformation commitments are delivered

Makes it easy to understand how each transformation initiative impacts each strategic objective

Goals are translated into initiatives in a structured way. This provides clarity on how each proposed in-flight transformation initiative contributes to achieving transformation goals. i-nexus provides a unique insight both into the relative value of each option (enabling better prioritization) and the risk to achievement of goals should any transformation initiative be delayed

Unlike traditional solutions which demand a heavyweight approach to managing projects of any scale, i-nexus does not assume that one size fits all. With the i-nexus business transformation software you can choose for each initiative (or even workstream/sub-project) both the appropriate program and project management approach you wish to apply.


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