Development Dimensions International

Better Leaders. Better Future…

Taurus Group Consulting (TAG) provides services in various Human Resources processes including recruitment, assessment and development centers, performance and career management. In order to support its clients with superior HR solutions, TAG has partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) in the area of competency-based Human Resources Management.

Leadership Strategy

"Align your talent strategy to with your business strategy”

You wouldn’t consider working without a business plan, so why work without a leadership strategy? In the chaos and complexity of a faster world, there is a greater need for integrated strategies and visibility in the C-suite or at the board level.

What if you had the building blocks to establish, elevate, and sustain a leadership strategy as the #1 business priority in your organization? With DDI, you can integrate the major components of your strategy.

We can help move your leadership strategy to the top of your organization’s agenda.


Leader Selection

"Hire and promote the leaders your business really needs"

What if you could transform your leadership team, end poor decision-making, and ensure you have the right leaders to drive higher performance?

DDI helps you close the gap between your business needs and your talent capabilities. We’re the right-hand partner who can help you clearly and consistently define success. We also can supply the business intelligence your managers need to predict performance and make better, more confident selection decisions. Together, we can build a pool of leaders ready to step into your most critical roles when needed.


Leadership Development

"Transform your leaders to transform your business”

Your leaders are the greatest variable in your company’s ability to execute its strategy. But, too often, leadership development efforts lack alignment to the business, are poorly implemented, and produce no lasting impact on leader behavior or results. What if you could not only develop exceptional leaders but also achieve consistent, long-term behavior change that supports your business strategy? DDI can help you create a Leadership Development program that will change the behavior of your leaders, having a lasting impact on your customers, your employees and ultimately transform your business.


Succession Management

"Accelerate your next generation of senior leaders”

While the world presents more challenging business conditions, the availability of leaders ready to tackle them is declining. But by generating more energy with the right succession management strategy, organizations can accelerate more ready-now leaders. DDI works with you to build commitment for succession management to elevate leadership growth to a competitive business priority, forecast leadership scenarios, gather precise data about their people and propel emerging leaders into new challenges that build skills. We’ll help you think about the assets you already have that can be transformed into sources of energy and acceleration so that you generate the leadership you need when and where your business needs it.