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Whether you are using Hoshin, Scorecards or another approach to Strategy Execution, i-nexus will remove the effort in managing and updating spreadsheets and other information sources. You get to work with one version of the truth – freeing up your managers to focus on execution. i-nexus Strategy Deployment software helps you roll-out your Hoshin cascade more deeply throughout the organization and provides a simple solution for tracking the execution of the resulting plan. Staffs at all levels are easily able to see how their activities contribute to the achievement of the overall strategy. i-nexus Strategy Deployment software supports the majority of popular Hoshin Planning formats.

Cascades goals and gives full visibility

With i-nexus you can quickly and easily visualize your Hoshin plan (or any subset of objectives) from any point in the cascade including full visibility into the underlying actions. Goals can be grouped to allow those objectives contributing to the achievement of specific strategies to be easily understood and validated. This flexibility to choose which component of the Hoshin Plan each individual sees ensures each manager cannot just understand the plan they are responsible for executing, but also how that plan aligns with the wider strategic objectives of the organization. Flexible assignment of different levels of responsibility of the execution of goals and actions means that accountability for delivery is clear and visible.

Provides one integrated governance solution for your strategy deployment

Rather than relying on a number of different solutions to manage execution, i-nexus enables you to manage all of your deployment processes in one solution. Having a single version of the truth means you can be confident of the accuracy of the information you are using for reporting purposes. Additionally by removing inefficient admin requirements, your leaders and managers are liberated and able to focus on driving deployment. With goals, initiatives and related KPIs in one solution, everyone involved with the deployment of strategy is aligned and focused on achievement of goals.

Robust and scalable for complex organizations

Our customers are typically large organizations that operate across multiple geographies and need to co-ordinate the activities of thousands of staff, often across multiple functions. Our experience of working with these kinds of businesses means that the i-nexus platform has proven scalability for thousands of users and has been designed to cope with the inherent complexity of large organizations. One of our larger customers, for example, has 340,000 employees and manages over 250,000 improvement initiatives within i-nexus. As the solution is highly configurable, there is no need to change your processes to fit the software. This capability means lower costs and faster deployment as the vast majority of customer requirements can be met "out-of-the-box”.

Comes with much more than just great software

As well as coming with a set of pre-built methodologies with supporting deliverable templates e.g. the DMAIC Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, i-nexus software gives you access to Global Best Practice through membership of the "Strategy Execution Consortium”. This is an active community of senior Operational Excellence, Strategy and Transformation executives from Global 5000 companies who are committed to on-going bench marking. Membership of the consortium group also provides exclusive access, via the "Stratex Hub”, to invaluable bench marking resources including best practice presentations from leading organizations that are shared only within the consortium community.

Start simple and add sophistication only when and where you need it

In addition to the more traditional Gantt Chart style interface for managing projects, i-nexus offers a spreadsheet style (quick project) interface for the tracking of simple or short duration actions. This, combined with the ability to import from MS Excel project lists, effectively enables you to rapidly build an inventory of your projects and update progress and benefits on those with spreadsheet style simplicity.

Additionally you can convert your quick projects at any time into any other type of project. This means you can choose to manage specific actions with a more detailed plan (including leveraging best practice methodology templates) and you can defer the decision about how a specific action should be managed until you better understand its scope, risk and complexity.

While you’re still executing this year’s plan, i-nexus allows you to simultaneously build the plan for the next annual operating period. With i-nexus Strategy Deployment software you can base next year’s plan on this year’s strategy or develop it from scratch knowing that the goals and the KPIs that are still relevant will carry forward into the new plan.


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