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Lumesse has created the industry’s most complete functional solution for talent management and talent acquisition, with innovative, robust products that your staff will enjoy using. Our multilingual, modular and well-integrated solutions make it possible to create the application procedures and development processes according to your needs.

Lumesse ETWeb empower is an end-to-end integrated, people-centric Talent Management suite that empowers employees to contribute to their company’s success by putting them at the heart of the business. The solution equips employees to reach their career and business goals in their everyday work.


HR organizations provide core HR functions, chief among them recording employee data such as personnel information, tax forms, benefits eligibility and salary. As a best practice they also provide in the same HR repository a transparent view of organizational structure and goals and an easy-to-use employee self-service portal and reporting so engaged employees take action without having to wait for HR support. Lumesse ETWeb Core HR SaaS solutions empower organizations to provide a personalized and up-to-date view of individual aspirations, performance and compensation packages.

Lumesse Core


The Lumesse talent acquisition platform is available as a core applicant tracking system or interlocking recruitment software modules that help organizations to manage each step of the talent application process. Grow and sharpen your sourcing efforts, harness candidate relationships and social networks, facilitate objective reference checking, and improve your recruitment results.

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Get optimum results from your workforce with people-centric performance management, an easy-to-use employee portal interface that connects users to personal development plans, training, corporate goals and objectives, salary and benefits and more. Workforce data integrated across talent management applications such as onboarding, career planning and development, and succession management and planning, providing HR and other decision-makers the insight they need to motivate and manage their workforce.

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Develop and retain next class of leaders and innovators with Lumesse Succession Planning. Easy-to-use graphical succession planning and management tools that enable talent decision-makers to develop, reward and reorganize select members of talent. Lumesse Succession Planning software empowers you to aggregate information about your employees’ experience, aspirations and performance from across the organization and applies that data toward career development and succession management decisions.

Lumesse Grow


Lumesse interactive talent conferences offer a collaborative performance management tool that empowers decision-maker to review select talent by position, skills, and potential backups, and ensure career development and succession planning efforts drive business continuity and success. Lumesse talent conferences combine all elements of talent reviewing into one plan, which is linked to the corporate plan, career and succession plan, employee development plan and a learning hub. Inside this collaborative online workspace, HR managers and supervisors can make objective personnel decisions when plotting structure and placing talent in key strategic positions.

Lumesse Grow


The Lumesse ETWeb empower Rewards employee compensation tool delivers a transparent, up-to-date view of individual compensation packages, including base salary, bonuses, incentive schemes and benefits. Take advantage of Lumesse integrated talent management data and functionality to simplify employee compensation and reward and retain your best talent.

Lumesse Reward


Lowering costs and increasing quality are only two of the important aspects to which comprehensive idea management can contribute. Another positive side effect deemed crucial from a company perspective is that staff satisfaction and their identification with the company increases as well.

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The Lumesse talent management suite offers easy-to-use tools to empower the individual members of your workforce to view corporate goals and objectives, design their careers and apply their talents accordingly. Using the data and features in this integrated set of solutions, HR managers and supervisors can guide learning and development activities, performance assessments, training needs, succession planning, and compensation, as part of a continuous performance management process.

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