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Business Clinic

Business Clinic Programme is a trademark of Taurus Group Consulting and a three phase programme which analyzes e-business opportunities of firms and creates a chance for comapanies to survive such an environment.

Check- Up
Diagnosis / Treatment

Check-Up : In the first stage, consultants will take a snapshot of the current situation of the client with their help. Critical information on the industry, critical success factors, value chain, functions and processes etc. will be collected in a structured and systematic way through certain templates and one-to-one or group interviews. Some additional documentation will also be required from the company.

Diagnosis / Treatment : Having analyzed the data gathered, consultants will draw the current picture and what options might be valid in the e-business arena to explore. An agreement and buy-in will be sought to strengthen the base.

Prescription : Regarding the confirmed options the client will be provided a detailed road map to enable themselves to move from their current environment to the e-environment.

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