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Total Goal Management

Taurus Group Consulting (TAG) helps managers, by cascading their goals, break large goals into smaller and manageable components and hence align the high-level strategic goals of the company with the employees’ individual goals. By aligning the company strategy, TAG ensures that the entire company becomes uniformly focused on moving toward the same vision of success.

In total goal management, TAG collaborates with its global partner i-nexus, who is the leader company in web based strategic goal and performance management worldwide.

Total Goal Management system TAG/i-nexus offers, automates the process of creating, cascading, monitoring and assessing the progress of company-wide goal completion. With this automated process, management has clear, real-time visibility of progress against high-level strategic goals. TAG/i-nexus provides the ability to set SMART goals with line-of-sight from the most strategic to the most tactical, allowing managers to track progress at any time.

  • Goals can be cascaded between anyone in the organization.
  • Goals can be viewed in context of the organizational hierarchy.
  • Goals can be aligned up and down.
  • Multiple actions can be taken on all goals.
  • From managing simple tasks to full blown capital expenditure programs, i-nexus provides the right level of project/program management capabilities to each user. i-nexus reinforces best practice methodologies for Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence or Continuous Improvement. Inter-dependencies between projects can be easily managed.

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