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Strategic Management

Researches show that less than a %10 of the organizations are able to reach the strategic goals set for them. This result has a fairly critical importance when the fail of the long term strategies and loss of motivation for the directors who are unable to accomplish the given tasks are taken into consideration.

Taurus Group offers a series of counseling services in the strategic management scope in order to help organizations accomplish their definite aim which is operational perfection. These services are primarily determining the business goals for organizations, demoting these determined goals to employee levels and associating the actions to be executed with the relevant goal in order to accomplish the goal.

Dividing the bigger goals into smaller and more easily manageable components by cascading the general goals and generating high and strategic goals of the companies in a form which is parallel to the individual goals of the employees and the ways of generating these goals, which are named “SMART”, with the involvement of the employees; mainly builds up the conceptual understanding of our relevant counseling service for transferring the know-how information to the companies. In this context, Taurus Group uses the tools of DDI firm which has been a business partner in Turkey and other Turkish Republics since year 2000.

Development of communication Technologies and increasing tenancy of the internet provides many opportunities for the companies as in ways of conducting their current operations more actively. Companies have means of executing their current operations faster, cheaper and with higher service quality via these Technologies and the companies which can use these opportunities tend to have greater advantages in the competition.

Taurus Group offers counseling services on activating i-nexus, which is a web-based strategic management software used for SMART goal generating and operationally and actively executing the concept of parallel company general goals in regard with the individual employee goals for the companies it transfers the know-how, as a second leg of strategic management counseling service within the bodies of organizations.

I-nexus includes a built in Project planning and prosecuting function within the strategic management software which provides options of prosecuting the actions which are associated with the business goals in employee basis. I-nexus supports many performance management platforms such as Hoshin Planning, Balanced Scorecad, Business Excellence Model, Six Sigma and offers a strong analysis option via its integrated reporting structure along with the said preferences.

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