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Training and Development

TAG/DDI’s training programs have a measurable impact on individual and organizational performance.

For more than 30 years, DDI has been helping companies mine this inestimable natural resource. Our training programs have a measurable impact on individual and organizational performance.

In fact, we lead the industry in developing skilled, motivated people and providing them with the tools they need to work effectively. You can choose from a range of learning resources and courses that, taken together, let you strengthen overall performance or, taken selectively, let you pinpoint improvement areas.


  • Competency-based

DDI pioneered the use of competencies, and every DDI program allows you to hire, assess, promote, train, develop, and manage people against consistent criteria that are relevant for your jobs and your organization.

  • Built-in assessment and evaluation

Our comprehensive learning programs contain carefully crafted needs analysis and assessment instruments to help determine training needs, assess post-training behavioral change, and evaluate organizational impact. 

  • Powerful integration

We provide a highly integrated learning system that, by design, can be easily customized to meet your organization’s needs. >

  • Flexible learning

You’ll find our systems offer more flexibility—both in content and delivery options—than any other learning programs available today. 

  • Proven effectiveness

Our systems, which are used throughout the world in a variety of industries and organizations, are proven to build skills in critical, job-related competencies and to positively change behavior. >

  •  Constant updating

DDI continuously researches, evaluates, and revises its offerings to keep pace with changes in the way people learn and with evolving workplace demands around the world.

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