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Assessment/Development Centers

Assessment/development centers provide insights into personal skills, knowledge and abilities that can be important for success on the job or in future jobs. An assessment system is an interrelated set of simulations, exercises and other measurement methods used to evaluate the competencies, established through a job analysis, that are considered important for success in a particular position such as planning, decision making, team work, customer focus, etc.

Assessment/development center simulations help define specific individual development needs and assist organizations in estimating how far and fast candidates will progress. They help to predict a person’s potential to help the company meet future objectives. Assessment/ development center results are used successfully along with other information sources as decision criteria in the selection, promotion, or development of participants in hundreds of organizations.

TAG/DDI’s initial starting point is to identify the success profile that will establish the basis of the assessment process; and then identify the tools that will be used within the Assessment/ Development Center. During the Assessment/Development Centers, the task of evaluating each part of the center is assigned to different TAG/DDI assessors. Using several assessors to evaluate a participant helps to eliminate unintended biases. Multiple assessors also provide different viewpoints on the observed behavior, thereby increasing fairness and objectivity.

Once the data gathered about participants are integrated and analyzed by TAG/DDI consultants, individual development plans are formed and feedback sessions are set. During these sessions TAG/DDI consultants give feedback about participants’ strengths and areas which needs development for each key action based on the data gathered from simulations and the other assessment tools.

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